Monday, March 31, 2008

Gadget Digest I

I read many gadget news and reviews every day (heck, just subscribe to the Engdget RSS feed, and you'd get 12 new ones every hour). But rarely do I see one that looks interesting or useful enough for me to actually consider buying or recommending it. Some of those I've reviewed before (read the P2 and the Flip reviews)

Here's a list I collected over the last couple of months. If it's received well, I may run similar lists in the future.
  1. Look back to look forward - I find the DS 400GB GPS-within-a-rear view-mirror quite interesting and useful. First, you no longer need to find a place for your GPS console anymore (and the law in California does not allow you to attach it to the front window, for some reason). Second, we all lift our heads to the rear view mirror regularly, so putting a GPS screen there is a brilliant idea.

    This GPS console also supports Bluetooth, an SD card and if you have a rear view camera (like the one that comes standard with the Prius), it can display its image.

  2. Too lazy to bend over - if you have a power strip on the floor and you need to disconnect a device, this new power strip design, called Eject Powerstrip will help you do it without bending over, or tearing cables:
    This gadget competed in the Greener Gadgets competition. Read more about it here.

  3. Smart bluetooth headset - the Bluetrek Bizz will hold for 7 hours talking/10 days standby, can be charged through USB and can be used as a USB memory stick of up to 8Gb (using a miniSD card).

    Here's the site.

  4. Plug it - if you, like me have a mess of USB cables in your bag, (Blackberry, MP3 player, hard disk etc.), you will appreciate the PlugIt USB cable. Small, folding, and can hang from your keychain. $12, with various connectors that fit any phone or device.

    Check it out here (and try to ignore the web site's horrible design).

  5. Electrifying games - for the final gadget, you have to be a masochist. The Mindwire V5 will allow you to attach electrodes to your body and your game console's controller, and will "reward" you with an electric shock whenever you hit something, or "die" on the screen - just to add another involvement dimension to your game.
    Read more about it here.

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