Friday, June 6, 2008

People Will Vote for Anyone

Stuck in an airport lounge, waiting for a delayed flight, I started going over the list of my next posts. I haven't posted in over a week (although I Twittered non-stop), due to a high volume of work (9am-1am every day - it's called "double dipping" - working on 2 customer projects at the same time. I call it "imminent nervous breakdown" eek).

I went online to research a company at when I suddenly noticed this in the "Most Read" section:

Apparently "page cannot be found" is ranked fifth in popularity smile. I followed the link and got the page that replaces their standard 404 (page not found). And to my astonishment, not only can you rank it, but 46 people have already given it 4 stars, 31 people recommended it, and you can even Digg it (which I of course did smile):

If they haven't removed it, you can find the page here. Now wouldn't it be funny if they get massive traffic to a 404 page due to my digg?

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