Sunday, June 8, 2008

Funny Pictures

A bit of a hectic week/weekend, so I don't really have time to blog properly. Instead, let me do something I intended to do for a while and share some of the funny pics I've collected over the last month.

Some of those images are a bit impossible to see in their small form - click them to see the full size image:

Another perspective to the protest against the Olympic games

Dedicated to my fellow Californian health nuts

An oldie, but goodie - I've carried the actual clip with me for years:

This WILL hurt

Procrastination flow chart from

You're allowed to lie to save your life

A new anti-depressant

How to stand out in a crowd of students

And finally, as a proud geek, here are all the available geek types to choose from:
I promise my next post won't be a filler smile.

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