Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekend in Atlanta

Last weekend I went to visit my good friend Yaniv and his fiancée Einat in Atlanta.
We spent Saturday going to Lake Lanier, right outside of Atlanta. It was a bright, sunny and clear day - the best we could have hoped for. But our plans to swim in the lake, or in the adjacent river, were dashed by the freezing temperature of the water.

[See pictures from Lake Lanier here]

So, we headed back to Yaniv's apartment, and threw ourselves into the pool. When I stepped out, I saw a rabbit eating the grass. I managed to get quite close and snap some pictures, before it hopped away. I was later told there are no rabbits and I must have seen a squirrel - but luckily, you can't argue with photographed proof (unless the person in question had time to Photoshop it smile).
[See my "rabbit proof" here]

On Sunday, June 1st, the US Beach Volleyball Championship was held in Atlantic Stations - the newest mall in Atlanta. It's quite a nice mall, with easy access and parking (although I could add a story here about what happens when the parking ticket machine goes mad smile).

A big sandbox was brought in, along with stands and booths. The whole thing turned into a massive happening. Despite the heat and the humidity, thousands of people joined us in watching the games. I, of course, went for the sports values, not the scantily-clad jumping babes wink. And, of course there were the men's championship for the ladies to watch.
[See pictures from the Beach Volleyball Championships here]

Frankly, I don't believe this should be an Olympic sport. I mean, what's next? Hide and Seek? Hopscotch? But then again, formation swimming is an Olympic event - I guess the poor people on the Olympic committee just want to see some girls in

All in all, a great weekend. Can't wait to go back to Lake Lanier in the summer.

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