Monday, October 27, 2008

Couple of Web Sites

A couple of useful web sites and articles I found over the last couple of days:
  1. Dropbox - Dropbox is a service allowing you to share files across computers. You run a tiny client on your machine (Windows and Mac currently supported), designate a folder as your drop box, and any file or folder you drag into it is immidiately uploaded and is available on all your other machines. It's even available online from machines without the client. And finally, it allows you to share folders with other people. Each time a file is changed or deleted, you have access to previous versions of it.

    The free account is limited to 2GB, or you can get 50GB for $99 a year.
    Their earlier release had several bugs that prevented installation on Windows Vista - but the latest release fixed those.

  2. Usernamecheck - this simple web application will go over all (most) known collaboration, blogging and social network sites, and find out whether the user name you've specified is taken.

  3. How to use LinkedIn - in this article, Guy Kawasaki discusses 10 ways you can utilize your LinkedIn profile better. Did I mention mine was here? smile

  4. The Disciplined Investor - Andy Horowitz's blog contains a cool, calm analysis of the stock market. Very important during the current crisis. Alos liten to his weekly podcast.

  5. Cloud vs. Cloud - this article compares several of the available cloud computing platforms (Google Apps, Amazon EC2, AppNexus). I liked the videos demonstrating how easy it is to set up a web server on each.

  6. Resumes suck - Robert Scoble discusses 10 things you should/n't do when sending your resume over email. While I don't agree with all of them, it's food for thought.

  7. The Bugle - a weekly satirical podcast recorded by John Oliver (The Daily Show) in the US and comedian Andy Zaltzman in the UK, is currently my favorite podcast.
    It's responsible to the stupid grin I have on my face while listening to John and Andy dissect the weekly news, and other importnat issues like "hotties from history", the crossword puzzle and various corners.

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