Monday, October 27, 2008

PDC 08 - Day 0

This week I'm in LA for the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference.
Unlike Tech-Ed, the annual conference, PDC is held only in years when Microsoft has significant announcements to make.

This year they will be announcing Windows 7, .Net FW 4, Visual Studio 10 and several cloud-computing related technologies.

The conference officially starts on Monday, with a keynote by Ray Ozzie - Microsoft's chief software architect - but several pre-sessions were held today. My colleague and I took the chance to participate in a Microsoft QA lab, allowing you to install your exisiting software on an alpha release of Windows 7.

It was an interesting experience. While our software outright failed to run on both 32 and 64 bit versions of W7, we did collect valuable information that will allow our engineers to address the situation.

UI-wise, the releases of W7 we've used look just like Vista, with some tiny GUI changes here and there. The kernel has changed, but not much more - from what we could see. Still, it's an early build and I hope that later builds will utilize some of the new features promised (like touchscreen support and better performance).

I'll attempt to report at least once a day on news as they come in. Hopefully not at 3am again smile (blame that on my jet lag from the UK trip I took last week).

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