Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fancy a cuppa gov?

This week I'm in Halifax, UK, visiting a customer. Just landed not long ago, still jetlagged and shivering from the weather change.
Being in Yorkshire, the people here speak with a heavy accent. So heavy in fact, that I sometimes can't understand a word.

Some of my conversations so far were hilarious (to me, at least smile). I either got the gist of things, or just replied with a noncommittal "yes" or "no" at my end of the conversation. I couldn't even pronounce the address I was looking for (try it: "Dean Clough").

To fully experience a Yorkshire conversation, just speak at 3x the normal speed, switch every "o" with "u", and the word "my" with "me". Also, for good measure, add the word "cheers" at the end of every third sentence. To fully grasp the situation, try saying the following sentence out loud:
we had a row because me yungest fancies man U
Which was my cab driver's way of telling me that his youngest son is a fan of Manchester United, while he favors Liverpool (UK Premiere League football teams), leading to some arguments around their dinner table.

This all reminded me of the scene from the movie Snatch, where Brad Pitt plays a Pikey (sort of an English Gypsy) speaking his unique version of English:

This is going to be a fun week razz

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