Thursday, March 19, 2009

yapta to Track Hotel Prices

I haven't used too much in the past, but I'm about to start now. yapta (Your Amazing Personal Travel Assistant) offers a service that allows tracking flight prices and get alerted whenever the price drops to an acceptable (to you) price.

Most of my flights are paid for by my customers and the others are on points, so I didn't find much use for the service. But today they've announced the same service for hotels, and this is interesting and relevant to my upcoming vacation. Here's the email I received:
Hi Guy --, the website known for airfare price tracking, tomorrow will announce the launch of a hotel price tracking service that for the first time, will enable travelers to monitor prices on more than 110,000 hotels around the world. Unlike "opaque" accommodation booking services (i.e. which do not allow travelers to see the specific hotel property they're bidding on, Yapta allows travelers to designate the hotel they're most interested in and then automatically be alerted when the rate drops. I've pasted a copy of the press release that will be issued tomorrow. If you’re interested in speaking with Yapta’s CEO about how this will benefit consumers, just let me know.

Rob Nachbar
(phone number redacted)
This was accompanied by a lengthy press release of the kind we all know and love. So there - use and enjoy.

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