Saturday, July 11, 2009

Services on the Go

As some of you may already know, I officially launched my very own consulting company - The Traveling Tech Guy.

I offer consulting services on several levels: from project management and process optimization, to actual software development. I intend to leverage my knowledge and experience to assist my customers with almost any software environment, product or methodology out there. My full range of services, and resume is available on the site.

So far, I have 2 customers, and I'm negotiating right now with 2 more. Past referrals have been great and I'm learning that the most important word in the services biz is Networking.

One thing I've seen other bloggers who sell something do very often, is turn their personal blog into a marketing resource. It has gotten so it's almost impossible to see the trees for the forest. (e.g. the blog Joel on Software, that I used to enjoy and quote from in the past, have turned into a long ad for his company and products).

I promise to not turn this blog into a billboard. I will continue to share my technology and travel experiences here, but will attempt to keep marketing to a minimum - right after this mandatory notice from our sponsor:

Announcing the Traveling Tech Guy Referral Promotion:

Finder's fee: for any referral that will turn into an actual project, I will pay the referrer 10% of the final contract sum.

Blog discount: any customer who gets to me through this blog will receive a 10% off his final charge.

Small print: these 2 offers are mutually exclusive (i.e. you either get a 10% fee for referring someone, OR the referred customer gets a 10% discount, OR we can split it evenly between the referrer and the customer).

There. Got that out of my system smile. Just my way of sharing some revenue with dedicated readers. Expect some news from my venture now and again, but mostly - expect this blog to remain as it was: all about travel, tech and fun.


avi said...

All the best of luck!
As for Joel, I don't mind reading commercials for his business as long as he writes posts. Troubles is, he's no longer writing :(

Traveling Tech Guy said...

Thanks Avi!

And as for Joel, I think he sees his blog as an extension of his business. The problem is that his marketing creeps into his other columns and writings (such as for Inc. magazine). Whenever he talks about a particular problem in the software world, he contrasts it with his company - that obviously does it well.

We all got used to some ads flashing in front of our eyes constantly (e.g. in movies), but when a movie turns into one long commercial (e.g. the first Transformers movie - a blatant GM commercial, or Casino Royale - where product names where dropped once every 5 minutes) - even the least commercial-minded viewer flinches.

Anonymous said...

please correct spelling in your first sentence. the correct word is "launched" not "lunched".Were you hungry at time of writing and thinking about lunch?

Traveling Tech Guy said...

Thanks George :)
I always mix the two words. Although there's something to be said about the connection between business and lunches :)

Anonymous said...

boy are you quick to solve issues be it low tech spelling or high tech IT. Good luck in your new venture. george, hardly anonymous